These are the terms used on this page and any other for the grading of coin.  Some minor steps are skipped because they are less commonly used, or I don't use them.  As always, there are exceptions.

~Grading Terms~

Perfect Uncirculated (MS-70): No trace of wear, perfect condition.  No marks whatsoever.
Choice Uncirculated (MS-65): Very few contact marks, brilliant or slightly toned.
Uncirculated (MS-60): No trace of wear, but may have some contact marks.  Surface could be spotted.
About Uncirculated (AU-50): Traces of light wear, most of the coins luster is still present.
Extremely Fine (EF-45 or XF-45): Slightly worn all over, but features are still sharp.  Some original luster is still present.
Very Fine (VF-20): Moderate wear on high points, major features clear.
Fine (F-12): Medium to considerable wear, whole design is bold.
Very Good (VG-8): Well worn, features are clear, but fairly flat.
Good (G-4): Heavy wear, design faint in areas.  Many parts are worn flat.
About Good (AG-3): Very heavy wear, portions of legend worn smooth, date may be readable.


~Mint Marks~

Denver, Colorado
1906 - Date
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1793 - Date
San Francisco, California
1854 - Date
New Orleans, Louisiana
1838 - 1909

Before 1996, all of the dies (what they strike a coin with) were made in Philly, now this task is shared partially with Denver.

Coins struck before 1979 at the Pennsylvania mint did not have a mint mark.  The P mint mark is still not used on the cent.

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