Field of Corn

In Dublin, Ohio there is a 3.1 acre park. In this park the city decided to commission a field of corn, but not just any corn. They wanted GIANT CEMENT EARS OF CORN! If you can explain the reasoning behind this, please let me know. It just makes you wonder, do you know who is running your city?

iMac (otherwise known as iFruit)

It's named after fruit flavors, it crashes frequently, it has the most idiotic mouse ever made, and has an entire line of Vitamin C rich accessories. Oh yeah, it only has two speed flavors 350 and 400MHz.

STUPAD!!!!!!!!!!! It's so STUPAD!!!!!!!!!!!

If you feel bored one day, just head on over here. They don't seem to exist for any good reason other than to waste time (they said so themselves). I think these people are very noble, they are selling the stuff that no one else will... You can even get Stupid E-Mail!!!