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I was wandering around the used parts store, as has become habit lately, and saw a very nice looking motherboard complete with a 133MHz processor. This spurred a whole new set of upgrades. The PbC has been fitted with the new motherboard, new processor, new HDD, more RAM, and a new video card.
The whole thing really started when I affixed a new HDD to the old Motherboard and got only grief from the thing. So, I decided to bribe it into working by upgrading like hell. I started with the motherbaord and processor. 133 seemed like a resonable speed (especially for $20) for the new machine. After setting that up and moving other things around to the cables would fit just so, I found an interesting porblem: Old motherboard is AT, new one is ATX... Two different power supplies... After a week of looking for a cheap ATX power sup, I figured out that no one seems to like selling those used and had to buy a new one for $30... Seems outrageous to me, but what do I know?
Alright, I have the new power supply attached and guess what, unlike AT power sups the ATXs have no power switch wired to them. I had forgotten that ATX mobos use a momentary switch to turn 'em on. Oops. Happily, because the power switch only needed to be momentary, all I had to do is short out the right two pins to turn it on and off. This is the fun part. I get to short out stuff on the motherboard and not hurt anything! I quickly figured out that my finger is a bad conductor (maybe if I lick it first?). I decided to use a clip that held the heat sync on to the old processor. it worked like a charm and the computer fired up.
At this point my next problem appeared. The hard drive I had just cut a large hole in seemed to crash the computer everytime it was read past like 5% capacity. This obviously caused a problem. As usual, luck goes my way and my parents decide to replace their drives. Instead of using up more blades, I just swapped the tops of the new and old drives. Now I have a good HDD with a big window. This is good right? This one even works right (after I remember to set up the jumpers anyhow).
While installing Win98 (another upgrade), I noticed that the armature didn't seem to be moving very much. Then I took a closer look. Turns out I shot myself in the foot. The new HDD is high enough capacity that the armature doesn't have to move very far to do anything on there now... Darn. Eventually I'll set up a nice little looping program to make the heads dance around. Win98 was kind enough to set up my networking, without my intervention.

I can just about see half of you cringing at the sight of this logo... :)
To test the new setup, I installed Sid Meier's Gettysburg. This is one of my all time favorite RTS games and it isn't grapics intesive compared to newer games. Gattysburg started a little slow, but ran just fine once I got into the gameplay. I gleefully flanked the rebel scum as I led my boys to a decisive victory. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!
I know I say this frequently, but, I can't think of anything else to upgrade on this thing. I think I'll wait a bit before any more major changes, they are a bit too time consuming. Who knows what'll happen after a few months...
The End?
Nope... Part 4

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