Past Pictures of Some Period of Time


Need I say more?

The Kettering Aerial Torpedo!
A rudimentary cruise missile from WWI.
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The Davy Crockett
The Davy Crockett was a setup that was deployed by the U.S. army between 1961 and 1971. It was the lightest bomb ever deployed, weighing in at 51 pounds. It had a variable yield for blasts between .01 kilotons and 1 kiloton. The bomb could be launched between 1.2 and 2.5 miles depending on the launcher. 2,100 weapons were produced for use in Europe against possible Soviet aggression.

Coronal Loop
Fountains of multimillion-degree, electrified gas in the atmosphere of the Sun have revealed the location where the solar atmosphere is heated to temperatures 300 times greater than the Sun's visible surface.

This image is a false color picture of ultraviolet light emitted by the hot gas that comprises the coronal loops. Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, but detectable by the special instruments on board TRACE. White represents the brightest ultraviolet light.

Deus Ex
(pronounced: day-us x)

This has the best storyline of any FPS I have played. This is probably because it is a hybrid FPS - RPG. If it had used the Quake III engine instead of the Unreal Tournament engine, I would hail it as teh best game I have ever played. But, alas, it had too many bugs that the makers were not in a hurry to fix. Don't let my complaining deter you though, it is well worth playing through (bugs and all).

Convair B-36D "Peacemaker"
This is a darn big plane. If you stand under it, it is rather awe inspiring.

Wing Span: 230 ft
Length: 162 ft
Height: 46.6 ft
Armament: Sixteen 20mm cannons plus 72,000 lbs of bombs.
Engines: Six Pratt & Whitney radials of 3,500 hp. each (takeoff power) and four General Electric J47-GE-19 turbojets of 5,200 lbs. thrust each
Maximum speed: 406 mph. at 36,000 ft
Cruising speed: 225 mph.
Range: 7,500 miles w/ 10,000 lbs. bomb load; 8,800 mile ferry range
Service Ceiling: 45,200 ft