Computer Parts on Display

I have three more small boxes of stuff that aren't on display.
Someday I hope to get someone else to clean off one of my shelves so I can put it up. ;)

This shelf host a wide variety of parts. A few of them (left to right) are:
Garmin GPS reviever, 5.25" FDD, 3.25" FDD, Sound Card, Kingston NIC, Web Cam (dismantled), SCSI HDD, Vacuum Tubes,
1x CD-ROM, IBM 1MB Chip Sticker, EPROM, 5.5" floppy disk.


The top of my dresser. Aside from the two firearm replicas, it's pretty much all computer parts.
On the bottom left is the little HDD shrine... Looks pretty cool with all those platters reflecting everything.
Also on the left are laround 20 RAM chips. To the right of the "shrine" is a PII (dismantled of course).
The center bottom consists of a few removed platters and three CPUs (486 DX2, Mobile Pentium, Pentium)
There is even a touchpad removed from a laptop in there.
The large circuit board on the right is actually a 14.4 modem.
Hanging from the CD rack are two armatures from other HDDs.
Up top are four HDD controller cards and an ABIT BE-6II Motherboard that was DOA.

This picture is not up to date!

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