Super Extreme Crazy Overclocking

Another late night and yet another stupid project...
Don't try this at home. We are untrained amateurs.

     A coworker of mine reads slashdot frequently and came across these crazy overclocking people ( They bought like a thousand dollars worth of flouroinert (made by 3M) and submerged a motherboard in it. Add a liquid nitrogen tub and they managed to greatly increased the speed of their processor. Well, I decided that this wasn't anywhere near good enough and we came up with the idea of not only submerging the computer parts, but the entire computer, the user, all peripherals, and anything else in the general area. This way, you are sure to get a cold environment. Hazardous? Nah, if we can survive Ohio Drivers, we can survive anything. So, project in mind we set about rigging my basement for dive...

     You might wonder how we would go about filling the basement with our flouroinert, well, you open the can and pour it down the stairs... Seriously, we needed a semi to deliver the load. We needed a basement full of the stuff after all. After an hour or two of pumping, the basement was fairly full and ready for some computing. After rigging some ziplock bag "helmets" with air hoses, we walked down the steps into the basement. After working out a few kinks with the airflow, those of us that had passed out woke up and we proceeded to the computers. The flouroinert worked pretty well, the computers booted up without a hitch. After bootup we tried playing quake underwater appropriately using a mod called aqualung. It was a thrilling fragfest with the canine torpedo Snoopy. Snoopy is EVIL!!! Perhaps this was the point when our air supply started to run a little thin. My memory gets a bit thin here. I do remember going back upstairs to start planning the coolant system. We figure once the fluid is there we have time to plan the rest (the support beams are steel luckily, wood would soften and warp).

Now, some of you might say that some of these pictures just don't "look right." Well, tell that inner voice to shutup. Click one!

Well, it was gettig on in time abour here, so we decided to watch some of the A-Team marathon on TV Land... It turned into hours of gratuitus violence with MR. T!!! Hulk Hogan just happened to be making an appearance... PITY THE FOOL!!!
Well now, we had the flouroinert, the A-Team (sounds funny when submerged) and plastic bags on our heads. In order to overclock we had to actually cool the liquid. In order to do this we set up a dual pump refrigeration unit. One output is at the top of the stairs, the other is through the basement window. We converted the sump pumps in the floor to move the fluid out to the refrig unit. In order to truly cool the water we went right to the source of cold: CANADA!!! They have cold to spare up there. In light of this revelation, we decided to route the pipes up to a glacier in Canada. (too warm in Ohio during the summer). In order to get the pipes installed in a timely fashion, we took a tip from TV and hired the A-Team to install the pipes. They were done early (they "persuaded" a "few" people to help them out) and we spent the extra time watching re-runs with them. Mr. T tried to crush my brother's head a few times for mocking the show, but I managed to prevent any major damage. After bidding goodbye to the team and a few thousand bucks we got back to work. We used some large pumps at the top of the glacier to get the water up to a good height and then used gravity to get the cooled liquid back to Ohio. The piping we used has a vacuum chamber around it so the fluid stays cold all the way back. With a quick dip through Lake Eerie, the pipe is returned.

A cold place.
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With Actual Overclocking!
You might be asking "why did we do this" right about now. Well, because it sounded neat. That seemes like a good reason to me. Anyway, with the pipes all set I decided to have a robot check the pipe integrity before actually turning on all the pumps. This gives me a chance to write all this and makes a good place to have a page preak.
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