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"How to stuff a wild duck" IBM Poster.Circuit Breakers and whatnot.The outside world. Frequently this is either 100% humidity @ 90 degrees or under 4 inches of snow.Phone box for low speed data communications or extended verbal  communications.17" Elements Monitor (Poseidon)19" Daewoo Monitor (Hades)17" Envision Monitor (Kronos)The Pegboard Computer (Kronos)A metal box that does stuff and things.Poseidon's CD storage.Hyperion Linux ServerComfy Leather Chair.  Except for when it cuts off the circulation in my legs...Older CD storage.  Stuff like Unreal, Half-Life and Starcraft.The edge of a Logitech Keyboard with various wheels and buttons that do a variety of useless tasks.Microsoft Intellimouse OpticalSaitek Cyborg 3D Gold joystickSaitek Cyborg 3D Gold joystickPortable CD storage with a WWI era Army Air Corps patch on it.HadesHadesSpeaker control and Subwoofer for PoseidonP5 Glove and Senson TowerOne hell of a lot of cablesLots of current in these wires.  Unless there is some sort of precipitation happening in the "real world"A variety of unpleasant liquids go here.Switch and RouterMicrosoft Keyboard with Cyrillic Alphabet StickersMicrosoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0A small radio with a tiny blackhole in front of it.  As long as it stays put we're all safe.HP Deskjet 932COld UMAX Astra ScannerElder Scrolls III: Morrowind book of everythingCD Storage for Hades.Radom CD storage...  One can only guess what's in there right now.Small pile of debrisAnother small pile of debrisUna lamparaA white circle that isn't really there...  I think.Mmmm...  Grilyazh candy bars...  A tasty product of Belarus.  A cross between a kitkat and a fignewton. Cheap Creative SpeakersThere are files in those drawers. Amazing.A bag of candy that hasn't been touched in some months.A folding metal chair.  It has a box on it.A "task chair" that people sit on from time to time.The dice game "Greed"The...Side...Of...The...Desk...The...Side...Of...The...Desk...A plastic floor mat with a 3d6 attack.  It has a resistance to frost spells and weakness to the chair's wheels.Another chair mat.  This is the 4th one in the last year...  I dream of a mat that never needs replacing.Another chair mat.  This is the 4th one in the last year...  I dream of a mat that never needs replacing.A cursed Western Digital box.  Sometimes I hide soda in there.An ancient box of paper for a dot matrix printer from the before time.Reese's BitesCarpet.  An upgrade to cold cement flooring.  Has a +3 effect on happiness.SpeakersSpeakerCable ModemSpeakerA green box with a red blinking light.This is my main computer, aptly named "drdoak."Packard-Bell End TableThe computer known as "Main"The Pegboard Computer"How To Stuff a Wild Duck" IBM poster.HP 932C PrinterUMAX Astra 610s ScannerRecent CD StorageOlder CD StorageElectrical BoxThe outside world.  This is where bad weather might be found.Microsoft Internet KeyboardMicrosoft Internet KeyboardPart of the Creative FPS2000 Speaker SystemBad stinky stuff goes through here.  Better not to contemplate this...17" Elements Monitor17" Elements Monitor17" Envision Monitor (Though the one in the picture is the 15" Daewoo that used to be there)A very comfy leather chair... Now if only I could get the mats to stop cracking...Midiland SubwooferMidiland SpeakersMidiland SpeakersA Cable ModemMS Optical IntellimouseMS Intellimouse ExplorerLinksys Broadband RouterNetgear 8-Port 10/100 SwitchSpindle of 8cm CD-RsSpindle of CD-RsSubwoofer for Creative FPS2000 SpeakersEpson 1200s Perfection ScannerKeytronic KeyboardSchool Schedule for 2001-2002A cracked chairmat! A chairmat that has to be replaced every 3 months...A chairmat that has to be replaced every 3 months...A chairmat that has to be replaced every 3 months...Another part of the FPS2000 speaker systemA box with phone stuff in it. It does stuff... Yup...A metal box on the wall. Someday I hope to look inside of this box and discover the many wonders within.This outlet powers almost the entire basement. Don't tell anyone!A PVC PIPE!!!  ISN'T THAT GREAT!!!This little green box has a little red LED that blinks for no apparent reason at random intervals.This is a single outlet that powers some mysterious gadget somewhere in another location. Can't quite track the grey wire to it's source.System CDsA whole mess of cables. So many, I don't care to count 'em just now.Real life carpet! The thick padding below this is what probably makes the chairmats crack so quickly.

Hold the mouse over a component in the above picture to get a brief description.

On a whim I have named all the computers after Greek gods (names in parenthesis).

Total Storage Space: 340GB
(Based on Manufacturer Ratings)



I love this case... I didn't have to cut the window ;)


AthlonXP 2600+
Corsair 512MB DDR333 RAM
Asus A7N8X Motherboard
(Integrated ethernet, USB2, Firewire, SerialATA
Visiontek GeForce4 Ti 4600
TDK Velocd
CD-RW Drive
60GB Maxtor HDD (ATA133,7200rpm)
60GB Maxtor HDD
Samsung FDD
Soundblaster Audigy X-Gamer
SCSI Epson Perfection 1200S Scanner
19" Daewoo Flatscreen Monitor
Cambridge FPS2000
Saitek X45 USB Joystick and Throttle
MS IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
Microsoft Internet Keyboard
Windows XP Pro
Skyhawk Jupiter Case
400watt PwrSup



This computer has the printer attached among other things.


AthlonXP 2600+
512MB DDR333 RAM
Asus A7N8X Motherboard
BFG GeForceFX 5900
40GB HDD (ATA100)
Floppy Drive
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer
17" Element Monitor
Midiland MLI-450 Speakers
Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold USB Joystick
Microsoft Internet Keyboard
Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Windows XP Pro
Enlight Case w/ 400W Power Sup
10/100 Network Everywhere NIC
Adaptec SCSI Card


Presario 2800T

Pentium 4 M - 1.4GHz
Radeon 7500 Mobility
WinXP Home Edition
Integrated 10/100 NIC
Integrated 56K Modem
Integrated 802.11b Wireless NIC
8xDVD / 8x8x24x CDRW
Combo Drive
15" SXGA+ TFT Display

It even came with a free extra battery! Only problem was I had to take two days after unoxing it to figure out that it needed a BIOS update to work. Other than that, the screen is very nice, DVDs look pretty crisp and the integrated video card lets me play stuff like Max Payne at 1024x768x32 with no problems whatsoever. It's truly able to be a convenient LAN gaming computer.



Dell Axim X5

This replaced my Handspring Visor Platinum recently. Unlike the Visor, this can actually use my network, so it rates a place on this page. The AximX5 has 64MB of built in memory with automatic allocation to storage and program memory. It runs PocketPC 2002. There are built in Compact Flash and Secure Digital ports. The screens are a little smaller than the iPaqs, but these are way, way cheaper. There is also a 400MHz Intel X-Scale Processor.

I have added a linksys 802.11b CF card (wireless network) and a 256MB SD card into the mix. Now I've a Compaq and a Dell! Who would have imagined that?


Pegboard Computer

If you want to know about this one, check out its page HERE. If you didn't see the link to this before, you weren't paying attention.


Nightstand Computer

My second "case mod." It has its own page, just like the Pegboard. Go into the light!


Linux Server

My third case mod (and the first that has an actual case). It countains LEDs, some electro-luminescent cable, and a liquid neon light. And surprise, surprise it also has its own page.




Hephaestus is made up of spare parts leftover from the PbC part 7 saga. It's used primarily for financial work and web surfing. It contains a PIII 550 and 384MB of RAM. I think this is the fifth motherboard that case has contained.

Netgear 10/100 8-Port Switch

Full-Duplex, Auto-Sensing, etc, etc...
It does a nice 5.5MB/sec transfer.

SMC Barricade Router
4-Port 10/100 Switch

My new router (after two Linksys ones that died right after their warranties expired) is an SMC. For about the same price as the linksys, this one has the 4-port switch built in as well as a print server (parallel port on the back).

D-Link DWL-900AP

This wireless access point transmits at 2.4GHz and allows 11Mbps network traffic.
It also uses the nearly useless 128-bit WEP encryption.


Computers Not on the Network
(Antique Section)




The PS1 is the first computer my family ever owned. It was even our primary computer all the way until 1996-7 (one of the two). Built in 1991 according to the label on the back (though there may be reaason to think it was earlier), this 286 really dates the progression of PCs in the last decade.

This is a really weird interior. I work on computers a lot, but I can ony identify a few things here. The HDD is a whopping 30MB! And yet I still have like 5 games on there. Credits from "The Quest for Camelot" are pictured on the monitor (kinda like "King's Quest"). Anyway, the ribbon cable that goes to the HDD is as wide as a SCSI cable today, but the computer didn't cost enough to have a SCSI anything when we bought it, so go figure. All of the expansion cards are plugged into the motherboard through ribbon cables and not the usual PCI or ISA slots we have grown used to.



Dell 325

This is the first computer that I actually owned. My father brought it home from work one day (completely surprising me) and handed it over. I sat there and stared at the pretty O/S2 Warp screens for many a day before we put a useful OS on there. (BTW: O/S2 has two uses, Mahjong and customizing icons...) After getting Win3.1 and DOS 6 on there, I set to work buying cheap games and trying to make them work. The best game on there is "Buzz Aldrin's Space Race," a really cool game if I might add. After we bought the Packard Bell I pretty much stopped using it.

Those blocks on the left are not actually bundles of plastic explosives. They are, in fact, batteries. They weigh around a pound each and I only ever got them up to a max of 40min each. The power brick on the right is not heavy but takes up a heck of a lot of space in a case. The track ball is the only one in existence that I actually like, and it is just soo easy to use on a plane. The laptop is an Intel 386 running at one of three MHz: 6, 12, 25 (bios selectable). The computer is the host of a dead CMOS battery, so I get to reset everything averytime i turn it on. The monitor has a small problem as well, half of it goes dark after it gets hot (one of the back lights cut out).

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