Sorry, I took my picture down. Wouldn't want any of you attacking me whilst I sleep through math. Unless of course, you happen to be a female OSU student ;)

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   In short: Eagle Scout, though somewhat inactive in Scouts while I go through college
. Spend all my time in front of a computer staring at the pretty phosphor coating. Someday I hope to find a female geek. Might be hard since I probably have to be socially proactive for this to happen.
     In case you did not look at the links page yet, I lived in California for 16 years. Now I attend the Ohio State University with around 40,000 other people (might be hard to find me there)... I work on computers there for a living, resolving various software and hardware errors. I have also done some web authoring and Macromedia Director projects for the department I work for. For all of that I get paid a tidy sum of $7.85 an hour. It's kinda funny (in a sad way) when I think of one of my friends who loads trucks for like $10 or more an hour.
     I enjoy pretty much anything related to hardware, computers make up the majority of my life. I spend 3 hours a day on them at work (during classes). Then I go home and spend the whole evening at home doing various things on one or both of my main computers (yes I have more than two). I use PCs exclusively. Macs are bad, and I find new reasons all the time to like them less, though I will not list them all here because it would be a waste of time to prove the obvious (though I think OS X has great potential to redeem Apple).
     Like I said, computers are my life. If you want to know about my computers, look to the left and click on "My Network".
If not, don't (unless you are obsessive compulsive, in which case go right ahead)