The Wall

~Where data goes to rest...~

The wall of hard drives is really just nine drives strung up on a wire at the moment, but it is growing...

Click on a drive to jump to its description.


Screwed Once


One screw all the way through. Someone decided to doodle on the surface with a nail... Three other holes drilled into the platters.


Screwed Twice


Two screws, but only one goes all the way through. No other damage, aside from some scratches.


The Taco


My boss did this one. I think his rage is a little bit less repressed because of it...


Sand Blasted


This one was partially filled with sand and then spun up a few times. You can see a series of rings etched into the metal of the platters by the silica sand.


Melted and Yellowed


Propane torch fun... It actually takes a very long time to burn through. The platter seems to distribute the heat extremely well.


Very Melted


You can see a few areas where I accidentally got the temperature just right for some correct amount of time and came up with the blues and purples. The rest was intentionally melted. You can see a scorch mark around two holes on top of the spindle. Those scorches came from inside the spindle where something unknown caught fire from the heat.


Silver Flower


No fire here, just bent platters. I makes for some nice reflections though.


The Funnel


This was folded and heated at the same time. After the folds were holding, I tried bringing out the blues and purples and was somewhat successful.


Torched Flower


I think this is the best looking of the lot. The entire thing turned a nice variety of blue, purple, and orange. Not sure how I managed to not melt it...