Crazy people with whom I spend time...



He lives in the dorms at OSU and leaves campus only when they make him. Really, it's next to impossible to get this guy to leave the campus... Anyway, he is pictured with his cordless headphones, which you will occasionally see him wandering the halls with. (To test the range he says...) He does math for fun (he is also good at it), which we all mock him for constantly. He also likes to spend all day at the computer, much of which may be spent coding in C. He can think up a Simpsons quote for any situation.


Dave is kinda hard to explain. He is quite intelligent, but tends to forget that fact and go off into the world ignoring his common sense. He is a big Metallica fan, but also memorizes many Weird Al songs. He can literally eat more than all of my other friends combined. He is rumored to have eaten 3 LARGE pizzas (thick crust) in something like half a day. I dont think I eat more than one of those in a half day if I tried. He loves Command and Conquer, but always loses to an engineer assault... First friend I made in Ohio, I heard him singing Weird Al to himself and the rest is history. He also helped invent the "boat" language.


Jeremy is insane, that's all there is to it. He is also into theatre, perhaps the two are linked. I can't think of any way to explain him. You'll just have to check out his webpage. That will give you a small portal into his little world. If you can figure him out, please tell me, I haven't...