You might be curious what the heck "Boat" is, well it isn't water related as far as I'm concerned.

     It all started late at night while playing a marathon game of "Heroes of Might and Magic II," (which I will never play again, 12 hours is just too much...) a friend of mine, Dave, was the one that talked me into playing with him.
     Eventually we became rather slap-happy and I had spent the last 15 turns trying to get to the dang boat. For some reason or other we started chanting "boat." In the morning we were nearing a state of delerium and made up new meaning for "boat." We decided that it means anything we felt like at the time it is used.
     Eventualy, with the help of another friend, Brian, it was refined to mean "good." Then we used science to arrive at the conclusion that is "boat" is good, then "taob" must mean bad.
     Then, while trying to speak Spanish, we came up with "Boato." This was decided to mean "sort of good." Again, through deduction we came to the idea that if "Boato" exists, there must be an opposite to it. "Otaob" was born, you can probably guess the meaning. Through the same resoning we decided to add "boataob" and "taoboat" which added an undecided feature to the "boat" language.
     Another late night, another friend added "Moose" to the boat language. It is taken as a curse. For example, if you want your oppenent to do poorly you yell "MOOSE!" at him. It can also be used to mean "very bad."
     Yet another night we were watching "UHF" starring Weird Al and decided to add "Stupad." This replaces stupid of the english language. We thought it sounded better.


     Boat: Good

     Taob: Bad

     Boato: Kind of good

     Otaob: Kind of bad

     Boataob: Neutral

     Taoboat: See above

     Stupad: Stupid

     Moose: Generic Curse