Dateless News Archive

Here are all the past dateless news headlines for you reading enjoyment.


The Printer case mod (a truly original name, I know) has now been posted. It may look like an HP Laserjet 4m, but the only thing it spits out is heat!

Coming soon: A new case mod!

Alright already! The SAN pictures are up, so stop asking! (You know who you are)

I've put up some pictures of a wall we have at the office... This wall is where my tortured hard drives for to rest. You may notice that some of those drives aren't in the torture section yet. Be patient, they are coming.

I put up a new part in the HDD Torture section. Go enjoy it and the free PPC2002 theme.

Anyone seen the auroras that are supposed to have been appearing everywhere? I seem to have the worst luck at being outside at the right time...

I had to replace a hard drive today because I got tired of my boot sector regularly corrupting itself...

As usual I have been ignoring the website while I have nothing to post... I almost had something interesting, but Coke spoiled it by not being acidic enough. You may infer what you will from that.

I'm back from a too short vacation to CA and have returned with a few more pieces for the Coins and Currency Section. A Large Cent, 25 Cent Fractional Currency Bill, and $20 Confederate Bill.

I am working on adding a modern world coins page onto the existing World Coins section. You can see it here.

I've posted a new $2 bill on the US Currency page. You can see it here.

Something for you all to consider: I've decided I like building computers in furniture, so if anyone wants some furniture/computer units and you are in Ohio (or like shipping costs) send me an email! I don't have the funding to keep making these on my own, but I'm sure you all want one of your own!

Well, after only 6 months of procrastination, I have finally posted the Hyperion's page. You can see it up there under the projects heading.

Oh, sad day! I have fallen victim to the incompentents at Featureprice hosting... Now, I can be forgiving, but after being disconnected and ignored after 8 attempts to talk to them, I give up. Anyone even THINKING of using them as a host, visit this site: Thanks go to TotalChoiceHosting for setting up a new account in mere minutes.

Oh, happy day! Pegboard Part 7 is now up. Just what you were all waiting for I'm sure. And I'm STILL to tired to think straight. You may notice my concentration wandering toward the end of it.

I decided to upgdate the network page on a whim today... Or is it yesterday... Maybe tomorrow??? Too tired to think straight... Go HERE.

I be upgradin'! I've now got an AthlonXP 2600... The pegboard computer will at long last move out of the PIII Slot Processor arena. I figure an AthlonXP 1800 should be slightly faster than that old PIII 550. I feel a PbC Part 7 coming on! Maybe even that page on my Linux Server... mourns the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia on February 1st, 2003 morning at 9am EST.

*#^%$*%& WESTERN DIGITAL!!! Evil breeders of bad sectors and noisy hard drives!!! Curse them to the pit of eternal peril!
Long live Maxtor!

Someday I might just put up pics of my new linux server. I can only hope for a few free moments sometime in the next few years...

I just spent three hours getting certified as a Dell Premier Access Technician... Aren't you thrilled?

I have updated the network page.

That major project is now up. It's another "caseless" computer. The Night Stand Computer to be specific. I hope you enjoy it, there are quite a few man hours involved in it.

There is another major project that is going to be up soon (meaning a new computer construct, at least as cool as the PbC).

There is, at long last, a new project! Break out the Cat5e cables and 10/100 switches, it's party time! Oh, yeah, it's called HDD Torture.

I've switched servers again... The old host dropped off the face of the earth. So be on the lookout for broken links, etc...

I think I promised a new PbC section at some point... Anyway, it's up now. How about you go take a look, huh? Part Six it be. Look up for the link.

Well, I think all the pages have now been updated to this updated format. Isn't that great! Now I can sleep instead of type... Unless I am taking math and programming and have a couple hundred of homework problems to do... Sigh

Well, I'm nearly done inserting the new menu system onto all pages, tell me if there are any problems with it! While you're at it, check out the coin/currency pages!

Wow, three news items in one day! Move over CNN, Doak is moving up! Anyway, I have again started updating pages. So far, Resume, Network and Bio pages have been modified. Let's see how quick I get sidetracked this time.

Well, I'd say I haven't updated the page in, well, say about... 4 months? Anyway, figure on a new PbC section soon. Thats right, I just can't stop upgrading! I'm a geek on edge!

Yup, been awhile since I updated this... Yup.

Due to a roving band of wild bloodthirsty weasels attacking and eating multiple RAID drives, the Doak Pages went down for a few days. So, now that I'm back, look for broken links!!!

I have added a part 5.5 at the end of (guess what) part 5! It involves a chilling story of a monitor. Mine to be precise, not yours. If it were yours I think you might have a hard time reading this.

At long last I have posted another part to the Pegboard Computer. Hooray for me!

At long last I have posted another part to the Pegboard Computer. Hooray for me!

No, I'm not dead, I'm just lazy at updating things... New PbC part comming soon, new network page comming soon...

Play Tribes 2? Wanna join a tribe just for the hell of it? JOIN THE KILLER RABBITS TRIBE.

There is a NEW section for the PEGBOARD COMPUTER. You should GO LOOK at it.

I have removed the forum, due to my lack of interest...


I have added a forum devoted to funny or otherwise interesting stories about users (by "users" I mean people I, and those like me, have to support.) It should aquire a regular posting of stories in the near future.

After around two months down, The Doak Pages are back online. Hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon. Ah, well, not like I lost money or anything.

You can play tetris on my index page if you feel like it. Just scroll down (on that page).

In light of recent weather, I have added current weather info for Columbus, OH down and to the right.

Take the mini poll to the right! It only takes two clicks! I mean to the left... Oops... has moved to a new server!!! Please use the email link on this page to report any broken links or other problems.

Want to see my computer parts displays? See 'em here.

The pegboard computer has been dismantled and reincarnated. See the story here.

I have posted a couple new ancient coins, take a look if you're interested, or if you like staring at expensive things...

Brand spankin' new menu up, much faster load time. Think it looks alright?

I have the first part of my new, um, project up. Take a peek. More to follow soon.

I have a wonderfully fast 900MHz Athlon Thunderbird in my possession now. Very cool, especially with a new Creative Annihilator2 accelerator card...

Decided I didn't like the news ticker, noticed it only did financial stuff. So, it died late Monday night.

Added the news ticker above just for the heck of it. Now you can have dateless AND dated news all on one site!!!

After weeks of free time playing Deus Ex, I have finally gotten around to updating the hit counter pages.

Woohoo! The second pic of whenever is up! And it only took me what a few months?

A new project will be up soon (I hope), it's reeeealy cool too. In fact, it's so cool that it's just amazing. In the meantime, checkout

Okay, so I haven't been updating very frequently. I have a good excuse, really! Work very busy after 3 week vacation... And that reminds me, no finishing of vacation log.

My E-Mail is down in case anyone wonders why I haven't been responding to anything...

Okay, I put up the preliminary Vacation stuff HERE. Sorry it took so long Brian. :)

A video of the Visible Hard Drive running is now up for grabs HERE.

The Pegboard Computer section has been greatly updated. Check it out above under the "Latest Projects" title. The Visible Hard Drive is pretty neat.

Take a peek at my new Network Page (my network, not a help page).

Woohoo! I am the proud owner of an HP Photosmart C200!

Pictures for the Pegboard Computer are up now, so you can go take a peek if you haven't already. Be warned, the page might take a little while to load and it you don't have a good internet connection you may want to steer clear of the high-res images. Just a suggestion...

I have a composite aerial picture of OSU that I am thinking of putting up soon, check back soon. It will be quite large, so you can zoom in if you want (after downloading it). If you cant wait, you can download it from HERE. Don't view on the net, it's REALLY big! Besides, you can't zoom on the internet. (right click on it and then left click on "save target as" or whatever).

I had a revelation just now: why not have a news column? Then I had a bigger one: if I don't date it, it never gets old! I think this will revolutionize the news industry, for a few bucks you could just use the same news over and over again. It's always new! *NOTE: I did not really have this thought just now, but you wouldn't know that if I hadn't just told you, now would you? Of course, you could infer that since this is an archive it probably isn't happening this instant. If this is the case, you should scroll up and click on the link that says "Do Not Click Here." Then I'll be rid of you!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Dang it, stop reading and scroll up! Now! I mean it! &^%*$&^%$&^$!!!