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The Printer
Another PC case mod

The Night Stand Computer

The Pegboard Computer:
Parts 1-7

The Hyperion

Super Crazy Extreme

Hard Drive Torture
Part 1 - Part 2

The Wall of Tortured Drives

Dateless News

Nope, not dead yet! I did take a flight on a B-17G not all that long ago though! Anyone that might be interested can find pictures and some movies HERE.

A small rant for you all: DO NOT BUY SANDISK! I own at least five flash cards from them. Two were defective out of the box to some extent and another two have failed within a year. They've also stiffed me out of a rebate recently... Purchase made out of the qualifying period they say! I bought it with at least a week to spare on the rebate period, and mailed it within the correct period........... So, as I was saying, avoid their tempting prices and go with something that is actually reliable instead.

Looking for info on just about anything? Try Wikipedia! It's been very useful to me these last few weeks...

The Printer case mod (a truly original name, I know) has now been posted. It may look like an HP Laserjet 4m, but the only thing it spits out is heat!

I've gotten in a batch of case badges. If anyone would actually be interested in some, send me an email.

Alright already! The SAN pictures are up, so stop asking! (You know who you are)

I've put up some pictures of a wall we have at the office... This wall is where my tortured hard drives for to rest. You may notice that some of those drives aren't in the torture section yet. Be patient, they are coming.

I put up a new part in the HDD Torture section. Go enjoy it and the free PPC2002 theme.

Anyone seen the auroras that are supposed to have been appearing everywhere? I seem to have the worst luck at being outside at the right time...


The Dateless News Archive!!!

I'm watching you...

Here by semi-popular request! Make sure you have the latest patches!
Doak's Hybrid Bridge v2 for Pontifex 2
Cable Stay Bridge
Very Simple Arch
The Kneeling Bridge
Hammerhead Bridge
London Tower Bridge (modified by Ricleite)
Highrise Bridge
The Abomination



Picture of Some Period of Time
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Do you constantly spill liquids and drop crumbs all over your keyboard? If so, then this is for you! Plastic Keyboard Wrap will keep your investment safe from harm. The plastic wrap is water resistant to hundreds of feet!* Patented NASA technology! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

*Applies to wrap only, keyboard resistance varies.

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