I can't help it! I just gotta have a links page...
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Anyone care to guess where I'm from?


Ohio State University
Where I am now...
Tom's Hardware
Great Computer Hardware Review Site


Adrenaline Vault
Another game site. Has a nice preview page where release dates are posted (they try to be accurate, but you know how developers are...).


A huge amount of info on computer games. (Reviews, Previews, Demos, Console Games, etc...)


USAF Museum
USAF Museum


Planes of Fame
Planes of Fame Museum
Unique museum that restores its aircraft to flight condition, instead of just putting them out to rest for eternity.
My favorite comic that's still in production.
Computer and tech news.




A very very cool game, if you have a broadband internet connection, get this NOW!



The GeForce4 Ti4600 is the fastest video card I have ever seen. Hands down. With it I turn everything all teh way up, including the resolution and AntiAliasing. I have yet to notice a drop in frame rate. Simply amazing.



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